125cc Motorcycle Category A1 not exceeding 11KW

The largest bike you can ride at 17 or 18 years old

You will need to undertake Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) which we are happy to provide either in Launceston or Liskeard. We can provide bikes and helmets, gloves etc. if required. CBT certificates last for 2 years and need to be renewed if you have not passed your Full Motorcycle test during that period. CBT taken on a moped also covers you for a 125cc

A1 125c bikes can be ridden solo with L plates if you have a valid CBT certificate

There is little point in passing your test on an A1 125 motorcycle but we are happy to provide instruction if you require it. To pass your A1 test yau will require a valid CBT, Bike Theory pass followed by passing practical test modules 1 and 2

Please phone 01566 773405 for more info or to make a booking

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